User Stock Pick

The new User Stock Pick feature empowers partners to create the ideal fractional shares experience for their account holders.

Jun 7, 2023

Courtney May

The power to choose the companies you want to hold in your portfolio is imperative to keeping account holders engaged as long-term product users

That’s why we couldn’t be more pleased to announce the new User Stock Pick feature.

The User Stock Pick feature allows your users to choose their own stocks to get as rewards from a pre-selected list curated by you. This gives more autonomy to the user and at the same time, allows you to tailor the experience to fit your account holders’ needs.

Easily determine the stocks and percentages you want to offer as rewards

You can pre-determine the stocks in a list from which your account holders can select their favorite.

This will be the primary Stock Reward that the customer will be able to redeem fractional shares from.

In addition, this allows you to make decisions about the amount in fractional shares accumulated from rewards the user needs to redeem.

Simplify the customization process

User Stock pick can be used for different kinds of integrations, ranging from neo/community banks to credit unions.

This opens the door to brand partnership opportunities and empowers the account holder to receive rewards that help them pursue their financial goals.

For example, if a customer is planning on a large purchase and wants the reward for that purchase to be in a selected stock, they can choose which company they want to get rewarded in through the stock pick feature.

Accelerate user engagement and enable more diversification in the future

Soon, we have three multi-selection options coming down the pipeline, which include:

  1. Split: The user can choose two companies to receive stock rewards and each transaction will be allocated between them.

  2. Random: The user can select a basket of stocks from the pre-selected list which will randomly be allocated upon each eligible transaction.

  3. Rotation: The Reward will rotate through the pre-determined list and then next company on the list will be the reward for an eligible transaction.

User Stock Pick is the future of rewards program personalization

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