The new product feature, Offers, allows you to personalize which transactions result in a reward for your account holders.

Jun 15, 2023

Courtney May

We’re very excited to announce this new feature addition to our API offering: Offers

With Offers, we empower you to set up rewarding logic through our API that helps with rewarding the correct transactions.

You are able to set a specific reward ticker and a value that is given once the offer is triggered. We take complete ownership of handling the transaction filtering for you, so there’s no stress on your end.

The Offers API enables you as the partner to decipher two key logistics:
  1. Should a rewardable be rewarded?

A rewardable is an action by an account holder that may result in a reward. Usually, this is a transaction made that results in the account holder receiving Stock Rewards in their account.

The logic to answer this question can be set as simple or complex as you would like.

Keep it simple:

“Yes, all Rewardables are rewarded.” This means that any transaction by the account holder would result in them receiving fractional shares as a reward.

Spice it up a little:

“Yes, if the transaction value is above $10 and below $20, the transaction date is between June 10 and June 12, and the merchant has a zip code that equals 10003.” You can set this logic (and can update it when you want), and we’ll apply it to each rewardable coming in.

  1. What should the reward value be?
  • We currently support three options here:

    1. Direct Rewardables: You send Bits of Stock the reward value when creating the Rewardable.

    2. Spend Rewardables (Percentage): The reward value will be a percentage of the transaction value that you predetermine.

    3. Spend Rewardables (Set-Dollar): You indicate the reward value as a set dollar amount, and we apply this accordingly.

The first version of the Offers API is just the beginning.

This is merely the foundation to build more cutting-edge financial features for you to leverage.

Offers will act as a self-evangelizing feature for you as product users increase both transaction volume and brand loyalty, all while benefiting from the power of compounding.

All of this and more to come with future versions of the Offers API.

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