Getting started

What You’ll Need

  1. Be sure you are signed up for a Stock Rewards Checking Account with your banking provider.

  2. Open the Bits of Stock page directly in your online banking portal.

  3. Choose the stock you want to receive as your reward.

  4. Start spending and earning fractional shares!

Choosing a Stock

Stock pick selector from the brokerage portal

  • You will be given a list of stock pre-selected by our partnering financial institution to designate as the primary company you will receive in fractional shares.

  • Choose your favorite stock from a basket of pre-approved stocks.

  • Make sure you pick your favorite stock from a basket of pre-approved stocks, otherwise you will have the default stock selected by your account provider.

  • Once you choose a company, you will earn fractional shares of that company as rewards for your spending.

Getting Rewarded

  • Refer to your account provider to see which transactions are eligible to earn fractional share rewards on.

  • When you spend money with an eligible card, you will get rewarded in fractional shares that you can redeem once you reach a certain threshold determined by your provider, e.g., $5.

Redeeming Rewards

Button for redeeming your rewards

  • Once you receive a certain amount of fractional shares as rewards, you can “Redeem” your shares. This means that as you spend money and earn shares in your selected stock, you can accumulate reward value to reach the threshold determined by your provider.

  • When you reach this threshold, you will be able to redeem your rewards. When you redeem your rewards, the total you redeemed will be available in your brokerage account.

Your Brokerage Account

  • The shares in your brokerage account are now yours to buy, sell or hold!

  • As you earn more fractional shares through eligible purchases, your redeemed shares will add to your current position in that same stock. This means that your fractional share amount surpasses 1 share and you can own whole shares of stock over time.

  • If you earn and redeem fractional shares of a different company, that new company will be held in your portfolio as a separate position.

Still need some help?

You can reach customer support by sending us an email at From there a customer support agent will be able to help answer any questions or resolve any issues.

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