Drive Brand Loyalty Bit by Bits
Bits enables brands to incentivise and reinforce consumer behavior with a new rewards currency: fractional shares, or “Bits of Stock™.”
Stocks mean ownership among current and prospective consumers
The Bits of Stock™ platform drives brand preference, engagement and loyalty by creating an “ownership mentality” among your target audience.
New Customers

Acquire higher net promoter scores and referrals.

Repeat purchases

Increase customer repeat purchases by 50%.

Retain loyalty

Increase brand and shareholder value over competitors.

Bits for Brands
Empower your brand to build 1:1 relationships with consumers at scale, driving long-term customer value through “Bits of Stock™.”
Create or supplement your brand’s rewards offering with a currency that delivers instant gratification and long-term value.
Draw a holistic consumer profile—where they shop, what they buy, how much they spend—to create personalized Bits of Stock™ incentives and rewards.
Visualize data to provide real-time and predictive consumer behaviors.
The Consumer Experience

Link your bank, card, or rewards program

Select your brands

Shop and earn Bits of Stock™

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